Info / Features
Interlude (Classic Client) - Furia 50x


Local Since Time Zone
Canada 20 Mar 2021 GMT -3



Server Time: GMT -3 17-10-2021 - / GMT -3 Time Zone


Fast Description: It is an Interlude server with Classic Client (better graphics), Job Transfer free, SubClass Free, Buffer, Global GK, GmShop by Adenas from NG to B Grade! The server is 100% full perfect files, 0 bugs, 0 problems, balanced classes and more. Join and Have Fun! NO BOT, NO LAG, NO WIPE!


Language: English / Portuguese / Spanish. (Most players from South America)

Protections: Anti-bot + Custom system + GM Hunter + Anti-Hack + DDoS protection. Do not try to use any bots, you gonna be banned from the server by our system or manually by Admin in all accounts that you have logged in the server, DONT TRY ASK FOR UNBAN, BOTS IS NOT ALLOWED!

Boxes / Windows: 3 and unlimited offline shops

EXp 50x
Sp 50x
Exp Raid Boss 20x
Sp Raid Boss 20x
Drop Adena 10x
Drop Seal Stones 6x
Drop Items 2x
Drop Spoil 2x
Quests Reward / Drop 2x
Quests Adena Reward 5x
Quests Reward Exp Sp 20x

Medals: Mobs from 76 to 80 can be champion, that champion mobs has a chance to drop
Automatic Events like TvT and CtF

Clans lvl 8 e skills free. (When you create clan it comes lvl 8, to get all skills use ALT+B -> Services)
Max 1 ally

Other info:
Items grade B by adenas. (Alt+B, Shop)
1ª, 2ª, 3ª jobs and subclass free. (Alt+B, Classes / Professions)
Skills Auto learning.
Automatic Potions.
Sieges 14 days.
Buffs 2 hour and scheme buff. (Alt+B Buffs)

Every day from 18 to 23:50 hours
Minimum registered Class Free 7
Minimum registered Class vs Class 5
Register NPC only in Giran (to avoid feeds)
Only 1 player per IP can register



Safe Enchant: +3
Max Enchant: +16

Normal EnchantArmorWeapon


Blessed EnchantArmorWeapon


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