Welcome to LordsBR
Lineage II Classic Interlude 30x

Lineage II server in the Interlude version but with Classic Client that seeks to be the most similar to Retail (original).

Without custom items that influence the gameplay and with some additions of facilities like buffs, teleports and other things that make the game more enjoyable.

The server was opened on March 20, 2021 and has a solid community in addition to configurations highly praised by players. Come play too and have fun with us!

The Best Classic Interlude
Files praised by players, servers with different configurations, come check it out!
Since 2006
Our server has more than 15 years of tradition and trust. A solid community where old players are always present with new ones!
We have a solid structure in our datacenter that always guarantees good gameplay with good ping and protection against attacks!
With a vast experience in programming, whenever we need to make updates and changes we manage to keep the data / items of all players!
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