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Before creating your account on our site, it is essential that you as a user understand that this is a FREE AND PRIVATE SERVER, private property with no contract or contractor. When creating your account, realize that you are not a customer who is buying a product or a service, but a USER that is creating an account on a private server. By sending any payments to help the server, will not bring any benefits such as priority service or require an administrator to perform any task requested by you. ADMINISTRATORS OF THE SITE, ARE PROVIDING SERVICES AVAILABLE AS FAVOR TO YOUR PERSON AND NOT FULFILLING OBLIGATIONS. Also they are not responsible for user names and passwords registered. Responsibility for login, password, items, security of your account, spending on electricity, internet access, times in Lan House, etc., is EXCLUSIVELY YOUR.

Understand that you creating your account not by right but as a privilege that may be revoked by an administrator.

If you do not agree to the above terms we ask that you please close this site and do not create your account. When creating your account on this site you automatically agree to all the RULES written on this full page.


Administrators and Game Masters will NEVER ask you for your password by any type of contact (Eg: SMS, Whatsapp, Skype, Facebook, email, etc.) or any other type of communication that may arise in the future.

The LordsBR does not send emails to their users requesting registration update or any other matter that requests some data, does not have other communities (called "Social Networks"), in addition to those disclosed in this site and do not use programs chat like Whatsapp, Skype, Gtalk or any other type of electronic communication.

There are a lot of people trying to create communities on sites like Facebook, Twitter and others, and saying that communities is officials of our server. Usually these communities are full of viruses or programs that can steal your username and password. Do not accept jokes, do not lose your account. TAKE CARE OF YOUR PASSWORD. IF SOMEONE GET YOUR PASSWORD, ADMINISTRATORS AND GAME MASTERS CANNOT DO ANYTHING TO HELP.

Rules and terms of use:

01) Is forbidden using any extra method than original game to take advantage or something similar programs clalled as BOT's or any other program that you run to do any automatic action (auto-click) where a human action would be necessary. Our servers are protected against these programs and your accounts may be banned automatically by the system. An infringement of this rule will result in user banned, without exception, including all accounts used by the same user. Logout from the server in a presence of a Game Master, it is the same as pleading guilty. * Game Masters are authorities on the server, requiring full respect and attention.

Our tolerance is zero when the case is related to BOT's. If you suspect that there is someone who is trying to use such programs never share accounts with the same user.

The BAN applied to people who try to use such programs is definitive in ALL ACCOUNTS that have been logged by the user and there is no way to recover any of the accounts that were banned. In addition to the ban of these accounts will be tracked any items that have been farmed in the server through the use of such programs and who got use of these benefits will also be banned.

In addition to our automated system of anti-bot, Game Masters / Admins login frequently in to the servers to check possible use of any type of program.

When a user is banned for use such programs, he cannot login anymore in our servers even with a new account. The user will get IP and Computer banned from our community.

Final conclusion to rule 1: Never try to use any type of program to get benefits, because it is a loss of time. You gonna get banned accounts, deleted items etc.

02) The use of bugs in your advantage or other users is not allowed. In case of infringement of this rule will be given notice. The following will be expulsion. If you have discovered a bug, notify an administrator, in private chat. * Advertising of server bugs that can be used for the benefit of other users, user will be banned without notice.

03) Use the non-knowledge of system over beginners to take advantage as stealing items, imprisoning him, among other situations that could harm it is against the rules, so if an evidence is submitted, the user will get punishment of banned. * The Game Masters team feels that it is impossible to police all situations in a fair way, so we recommend that users exercise caution before exchange their items.

04) As mentioned above, Game Masters are not allowed to return items caught by other users, or something like that. Items are entirely responsibility of this user. If you can prove who was who stole your item or account, GM may ban user accounts, but cannot return you the stolen items. * IT'S NOT RECOMMENDED TO SHARE ACCOUNTS, SHARE ITEMS, ETC., to avoid kind of problem. In the case of one of these recommendations are ignored, there is no right to claim.
* The user who persist in bothering the administrators to posts in the Forum or any other type of contact with matters of the kind, will have their accounts banned immediately. That is, if you get involved in confusion, solve by your own NEVER BOTHER THE ADMINISTRATORS WITH THESE TYPE OF ISSUES.

05) Characters (Chars) with 180 days without activity on the server: It is necessary that each of your characters (chars) remain online for at least 5 minutes which is necessary for the server not to consider that char as inactive. PvP / PK rankings can be reset every 180 days with or without character login.

05.1) The character will be deleted and the items will be auctioned to other players.

06) Offenses will only be permitted in private chat, if there is the presence of evidence, the user can be punished with a chat ban in time to be stipulated by the administrator. More severe penalties may also be applied. The user who does not wish to receive offenses in particular chat, just add to the blocked list who is doing the offenses in your ignore list with the command /block charname. We understand that this is boring, but it is up to the user to decide whether this is the ideal environment for you and / or your family. There is no way for administrators verify all claims. Users with multiple recurrences in this type of complaint, will have all their accounts banned permanently server form. Do never share your accounts with a user who fits these terms because your account may be banned together with the author.

07) Disturbing administrators with complaints or issues that are not consistent with the infringement of the rules, or you gonna get kicked or maybe banned.

08) When need to contact an administrator do not use phrases like, "Are you there?"; "Good morning Good afternoon Good night"; "Can you answer me a question?". Try to be as direct as possible, so administrators can answer your question quickly.
* This is necessary due to the large amount of such messages sent by users.

09) The user trying to impersonating member of Staff (server administrators team) is a serious offense, with the penalty of ban and all your accounts.
* Similar user names with the staff members follow the above term.

10) Usernames containing racist terms, serious offenses. These type of users will be banned from our system without notice.

11) IS EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED sell items outside the server, and results in the banning of all all users accounts involved (both those who buy or those who sell). That is, the exchange of any game item is allowed ONLY through the game coins or game items. Eg: Exchange a character for an item is allowed if that both parties take responsibility for any problems you may have with this exchange. The staff is not responsible for owners of accounts that can ask for account recovery via email.

12) Advertisements company, product, servers, and others within the server are not allowed and the punishment is ban.

13) Disrespect an administrator, is a serious offense since an administrator is an authority on the server. This will result in user banned.

14) Offline shops allowed in any city that the system permits. IS EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED use any bug to highlight your "store", with the penalty char go to the "jail" by the time of an administrator determine.

15) IS EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED advertising and/or post any kind of criticism in public places of the server, such as forum and/or social networks. If you have any criticism to make, use our support system and talk directly with the administrator. By infringement this rule, there will be punishment by the administrator who examine the case.

16) The server can be restarted at any time and without notice including event schedules. The restarts are necessary whenever there is a new update on the server, new tests in progress, or even "Fail" (get off line) by any type of problems.
* This rule was added for the reason that an Administrator or Game Master can not expect such events finish so it can continue its improvement work on the servers.

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