How to Play / Downloads
Detailed instructions on how to play!
Download and unzip the full game:
Unzip the file in any folder, preferably outside the program files folder.
Eg: C:\Games\LordsBR_Classic
(If you Already have client fafurion or Saviors just download this Little File Patch)
Create an Account:
Create an account in Control Panel. You will need to provide a new login and password, which will be used to log in with your characters in the game.
Open the game:
To open the game, go to the directory where your files are located and run the file LordsBR_Interlude_Classic.exe
Eg: C:\Games\LordsBR_Classic\LordsBR_Interlude_Classic.exe
If the game files are out of date, they will be automatically updated. Once they have been verified and downloaded, click "Start" to open the game.
Have Fun!
Other Downloads:
TeamSpeak L2Age
To login in our TeamSpeak servers you must have this version:
(can be installed over the current version, don't let it update automatically)
TS3 Address:
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